Favorite Dress Trends for Spring

Favorite Dress Trends for Spring

From weddings to graduations to holiday weekends, dress season is officially upon us—and Mel is here with a roundup of our favorites trends for spring.
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hi it's mal i am back in the fitting
room today in oak brook in illinois and
i am coming to you to talk about spring
dresses i am just so impressed with our
dress selection this spring our
designers and our buyers are killing it
i'm actually going to show you three of
our every designs today that can kind of
take you to different places
i also have a little trip coming up to
in the coming week and so i'm doing a
little dress shopping myself
so let's start with just the maxi the
maxi is perfect for the spring season
we'll take you into summer
this is our willa maxi by ever eve so we
designed this
gorgeous floral print it's got a navy
background some lighter blues
this is a little easy strap dress up top
so you could definitely wear it
sleeveless right now as we're still
transitioning in the weather i have it
back to this beautiful jacket that i'll
tell you about in a minute
it has pockets which i love
and it is incredibly long okay so this
is a very long maxi again i'm 5'7 for
reference um so if you are petite you
are definitely going to want to do this
with the heel and then another great
little trick with your maxis to make
them a little bit shorter if you're a
petite customer is definitely to belt
them right because then you can kind of
ruche them up a little bit between that
and a heel um that helps you a lot with
the length
i also for me depending on your body
type i'm more of a rectangle so i don't
have a very defined waist so i love
doing a little belt with a long dress
like this because it gives me that
so anyway really comfortable but i could
also see myself in flats knotting this
on the side you know taking this on a
summer trip or out to dinner
on a hot summer evening so i i really
really enjoy this dress highly recommend
and then for right now whether it's
weather appropriate that you want a
little jacket or what a great wear to
work you know outfit putting this blazer
on this is our alexa blazer also
designed by ever eve the fabric is um
tencel uh which is kind of a feels like
linen on it has a great feel and just
kind of a boyfriend style blazer so
you've got this double-breasted feel i'm
in a size large also in a large in the
dress by the way um so it fits really
true to sides it has a little bit of a
shoulder pad to it so it gives you some
definition there
but i just think you know pop that
collar and such a fun look um for a
great shoe i would highly recommend this
devon sandal
i love this look at this braiding it's
by corki so it's incredibly comfortable
but just great brown braiding here
studded on the side a little bit of a
stacked heel so you know not only is it
really comfortable in the padding
by corkies but you've got that really
great stable heel so that is incredibly
comfortable as well okay let me show you
a couple more dresses okay second dress
this is our josefina
um i'm actually in the april catalog
wearing this dress so this is what it
looks like live and in person
i show this to you because in april our
eetv crew
all of us from different ages and
backgrounds and body types all
represented in this catalog
we try to show you different backgrounds
on eetv but we're also from time to time
in the catalog if you are not receiving
our monthly catalogs will you go to
evariev.com at the bottom of that page
you can find catalog you can sign up to
receive one but they are just so fun
we're so proud of these really shows off
our buyers work on a monthly basis um so
again this is the josephine address this
is ever eve created
we designed this the label is roane and
ryan she's got a great little kind of
boho vibe to her which is very much my
kind of sense of style
first of all let me say this dress has a
little bit of a slip to it okay so
you've got a slip that goes all the way
down to about your knee so you've got
great coverage in this white dress you
don't have to worry about anything being
i've got a little tag sorry
one thing i love sleeves i always love a
little bit of a blousey sleeve so you
can kind of pull this up play with that
this actually is a beautiful dress
without a belt but this is the same belt
i had on with the last maxi
this is by harriet isles it's called the
bells belt this is in tan
again because i'm a rectangle i do
really love to belt my dresses and kind
of define a waistline for myself and
then it has this tiered bottom not as
as the last maxi so again i'm 5'7 if
you're more of a petite customer this
will be a great maxi for you i don't
think it'll be too long on you you could
probably even wear a flat if you wanted
to um but again if you didn't see it in
the last dress this is the devon sandal
by corki's
little braided front studded on the side
really really beautiful and comfortable
and then because i'm in all white which
i do love for spring and into summer i
picked a great little statement earring
this is the new leah raffia
and it's so lightweight i know i'm
always worried about larger earrings are
they going to kind of be weighted and
uncomfortable and this is paper paper
beautiful has this little tan color that
kind of plays on the belts and the shoes
and i think really kind of pops an
all-white dress like this
okay last dress little shorter casual
option for you um what i love about this
dress though is it's got like a silky
fabrication i know black is hard to see
on video so i just brought one on hanger
for you it's got a silky fabric to it so
you could wear it super easy and casual
i put it on back to teva's
or because it has this kind of dressier
fabric you could really wear this as a
little black dress for summer
it has ruching here at the waistline so
you i love it when you can kind of
where that waistline hits you um so it
ruches in gives you great shape has a
little bit of blouse over the top again
i'm in a large that hits me right above
my knee again for reference i'm 5'7
but i think between the ruching that
happens up here on the shoulder super
bra friendly right
and the ruching here
it's just got great detail for a little
black dress and again i have it on with
tevers are so fun because um you can
wear them super sporty but you can also
take them back to these dresses and it's
just kind of a great play
so these are the gold we have them in
white we have them in black they're a
little bit of a platform to them so it
gives you that little bit of height you
know that always makes you feel a little
bit better in a short dress again super
casual i just threw on some bracelets
this is the delaney she's a three strand
you get three together it's just coils