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December’s Best Sellers

December’s Best Sellers

Tune in as Ash styles our December best sellers—get them now (before they’re gone!).
Carrie Moto Jacket


Deane Tee


Sophie Crop


Billie Tie Dye Scarf


Vendimia Jogger


Everyday Pocket Jogger


Paige Chain Necklace


Slipper Slide



Let's Hang Cardi


b(air) HW Ankle Skinny


Andrea Combat Boot


Show Transcript
hey you guys um happy holiday week it's here the  countdown's on and the countdown's on also to the  
end of the year thank goodness right thank  goodness i mean there are i'm sure we can  
i'm sure we're all finding blessings i know  i am too but let's let's get this year done  
with and let's start on to the next so one thing  that i thought would be really fun is let's talk  
about our december favorites like let's end this  month on a high note with all the things we're  
really really loving and maybe if you're still  looking for some last minute gifts we can find  
some goodies in here that are kind of like you  know will be a loved gift at the same time okay so  
we're gonna start off with this jacket that i kind  of forgot about and i can't believe i forgot about  
it because it's so ridiculously awesome on so many  things and if you don't have it you need it this  
is the marrakech carrie moto jacket you guys faux  leather look at the stretch on this like it is so  
ooey gooey like even if you're hanging out inside  it's like it's such a great topper because it's  
really it feels like a sweatshirt it feels like  a sweatshirt and if you can go out and hang out  
with friends and family i love this as a little  topper so i just paired like the most basic outfit  
with this jacket because a leather jacket faux  leather jacket makes everything really cool  
okay so i'm wearing a large in this you guys  i paired it with this varley this is the deane  
tee it's long sleeve wearing a medium i love  it's a little bit shorter so like to throw in  
a half tuck you don't have all that extra fabric  it feels incredibly soft i'm like i have never  
tried this on and i'm mad at myself that i haven't  because it's an awesome little layering tee colors  
eggnog perfect for the holidays okay and then  our other favorite item of december is the agolde  
this is the sophie crop you guys now whenever  i'm styling somebody who's more like a petite  
like i don't know miss heidi um i love these  jeans for petites because you get a great little  
length to them that has a raw hem can you guys see  it has a raw hem but i just think the proportions  
of this jean on the petite is amazing now i'm  i'm not a petite i'm five eight your girl's curvy  
that's my athletic legs definitely gonna pull it  over the booty i'm wearing a 29 in these you guys  
the fabrication feels so so soft and i love that  i can like wear it solo with a sneaker having my  
ankle kind of pop out but then if you wanted to  tuck it into a boot it'd be super super easy but  
holy buckets this sucker feels so soft and then  i have it with these little p448 these are those  
like really neutral um leopard sneakers we just  got in but okay so saturday we're running around  
grabbing last minute christmas gift ideas not  ideas christmas gifts they cant be ideas anymore  
we gotta like pull the trigger and like  get this gift shopping done but one thing  
that like if you're going in and out of a  mall or into a store or into a small business  
like you don't want to bring your heavy  winter jacket with so i love the carry  
motor you can toss this over the top but then to  keep yourself warm how about like a great little  
scarf so pretty tie dye color print color  print of the year throwing this guy on  
just tossing it on super easy then you don't  have to fuss with all like the extra things  
sanctuary three pack masks you guys awesome  little stocking stuffer actually this kind  
of like matches really i intentionally did that  but then i totally forgot that i meant to have  
it match and then all of a sudden like oh my god  it matches hey yay but kind of cruising around
chic ready kind of hit the shops safe and  all but what a cute little event i kind of  
just like forget about scarves and then i actually  really need a scarf so this is another really good  
stocking stuffer too really pretty color i love  that has tie-dye but okay best sellers december  
bestsellers number one okay to put one more little  outfit together in case you're like yeah i'm not  
wearing jeans i'm not doing that i love a great  sweat paint so do i so it was like how cute is  
this little look too this is the electric rose um  little tie-dye sweat paint they feel so cozy good  
i love that they're actually a little bit more  of a lower rise it just reminds me of my college  
sweatpants even though my college sweatpants  were like three sizes too big why did we do that  
i don't know because it felt amazing but kept  the same little varley tee on got my vegan moto  
jacket so if you want to run errands in a little  bit more cozier fashion i'm loving it with these  
little tie-dye joggers okay i'll show you guys  that okay okay december favorite number two well  
outfit number three but item number well this  might be item number four i don't even know  
what number one just know it's a december favorite  and i love it okay you guys this is the love  
ari tie-dye sweatshirt how fun is this this was in  our gift guide i still think if you're looking for  
a last-minute gift ps our stores are still open  they're open on christmas eve too you can run in  
you can do a store pick up super easy convenient  way store staff being safe all set up for you guys  
but this would be a fun little stocking stuffer  kind of like a last minute thing to throw into  
the stocking i guess i would say but i'm wearing  a medium in this i just think the colors are fun  
this would be so cute with a pair of like  little black jeans you could totally dress it up  
i don't know i just think it feels fun vibrant  and we all know tie-dye everybody loves it it's  
all amazing it's always fresh it's always new so  it's a really great gift um okay but i haven't  
have tucked into my favorite sweatpant of all time  you guys speaking of sweats the sundry everyday  
jogger i have the gray pair i literally wore these  to bed last night because they are my favorite and  
they feel so good i'm wearing a size two in it  because they do relax and i don't want like crazy  
saggy butt and again back to college sweatpants  we don't need to be rolling with that again  
um and then i just put on our favorite minnetonka  slippers last minute stocking stuffer you guys  
under 50 dollars so good three colors i just did  the solid gray i i gifted these out for a little  
bit um i can't talk i gifted these out for a  few people which actually i'm really excited  
about because it's kind of unexpected but okay  december favorite actually i'm gonna put the  
i'm gonna put the slippers as a december favorite  too the whole look because it's i don't know it's  
so good okay on to outfit december favorite  number three okay another december favorite  
new back in stock this is the sanctuary let's  hang carti okay so if you guys caught heidi's  
three days three ways on saturday if you haven't  you can hop over to ee tv to watch that or  
double check checking the little highlights um  she styled this sweater a completely different  
way and i absolutely loved the way she styled  that she had a little lace cami underneath  
she had the destructed riley's on  and then a little sneaker and it was  
absolutely adorable casual want to wear it so i  was like you know what new year's is coming up  
hoping that we get a date night here soon um i was  like so i'm just gonna wear just like a little bit  
i don't know sexier i guess would be which  means nothing underneath and just treating  
it as a true pullover and then maybe you know  like not wearing your everyday bra that you wear  
every single day it's like oh maybe we're a  little bit sexier bra and then i just pull on  
the um pull over this little let's hang the short  cardigan gave it a little half tuck and then  
you guys a pair of jeans that i absolutely forgot  about because this it's just been busy right  
but this these are the seven for mankind this is  just like the clean skinny black jeans they're by  
bare so that amazingly comfortable fabric holy  cows crazy flattering and i'm like i need a  
good pair of black jeans and this is the pair you  need so i have and they're like nice and high i i  
absolutely forgot about them and i love love love  love love love love love them i'm wearing a size  
29 in them and they feel great they kind of like  for you girls who get the gapping in the back they  
kind of nip you in i love that holds me in and  i just have it tucked into the Schutz um andrea  
combat boot which are selling like crazy i just  call this a 2020 win these little combat boots  
have been selling like crazy but just i don't  know just upgrading that boot i mean who's wearing  
heels anymore i want to wear heels but that's not  reality um so i just love that a combat boot kind  
of dresses it up just a little bit threw on a  couple of chains nice little pendant this little  
paige chain which i love and then of course our  little um paper clip chain just to kind of like  
statement it up should have popped on a little  ring just like a little statement ring and how  
date night cute is that okay but you guys  december favorites this sweater is one of  
them also comes in camo but i kind of love the  leopard it's super neutral sexy all the things but  
december favorites here hits love if you  haven't gotten anything for yourself swipe  
up to get any of these guys but i hope you have  a great holiday and i'm gonna see you next week

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