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Cozy (and Flattering!) Looks for the Season

Cozy (and Flattering!) Looks for the Season

Mel shares cozy looks to wear right now (and why they're amazing on every body type).
Perfect Sweatshirt


Tie Dye Peace Jogger


Ali Initial Necklace


Slipper Slide



Alexa Twist Dolman Top


Juniper Pant


Kenzie Initial Double Strand Necklace


Hightop Sneaker


Cozy Hoodie



More Joy Muscle Tank


Everyday Pocket Jogger


Sadie Multi Color Bracelets


Show Transcript
hi mel from evereve here back on evereve tv  hosting style curve, if we have not met yet  
i am the chief of stores for evereve i'm not on  the buying team i'm not on the fashion team i'm on  
the store team i travel around and spend time with  our store leaders make sure they have everything  
they need to style you, our customer and i've  been styling for years i particularly love  
um to help women who are curvy or on the higher  end of the side spectrum like myself find trends  
that you love but today i got to talk to you about  a deal first so if you have been following us we  
have had holi-daily deals and today is a deal  on this beautiful sanctuary cozy set have we  
ever seen a trend like a cozy set marry up with  reality of 2020 and what we need so well i don't  
think so and this one's coming to you for a steal  so this sweatshirt's by sanctuary normally $79  
today only you get it for 50. the jogger  on bottom normally 89 you get it for 58.  
so my little mathematician skills here top and  bottom you get this set for 108, great price for  
sanctuary. i don't know about you huge fan of the  sanctuary brand i love their attention to detail  
let's start with the sweatshirt i'm going to  come in close for a minute this has a split neck 
neck to it which allows me to layer in my necklace  this is the little kenzie double strand necklace  
and then i've got my little m initial necklace  on which i always wear and i don't take off you  
can find both at evereve but if you are broader in  your shoulders this sweatshirt's perfect anything  
that has a v-neck right a little split neck to it  is always more flattering on us than the typical  
higher crewneck sweatshirt also love the volume in  the sleeve love this and then let's talk about the  
print for a minute so when i put this on i thought  if if tie-dye met uh camo and they had a baby  
this would be this would be the print so  you get cozy set trend you get tie-dye trend  
and you get our all-time favorite here at evereve  camo all-in-one and it's just it really is fun  
i have on our minnetonka slipper to me this  would be perfect um for these weeks coming up  
maybe you're spending some time at home for the  holidays a little different than in years past  
if you're dressing up hats off to you respect  uh me i'm gonna lean into cozy with my family  
and i definitely see myself wearing this over the  next couple weeks um tip for joggers i know for me  
i love to just kind of ruch up a little bit on my  calf i think um if you're curvy this gives you a  
little bit more dimension and then you run out to  target in your tennis shoes right you just kind of  
like cheat before you go back in the door and run  inside okay deal of the day 108 sanctuary cozy set  
okay outfit number two now i want to talk to you  about how to break up cozy sets but before i do  
that can i talk to you a little bit about ways  to shop at evereve if you are taking advantage  
of deal of the day today i want you to think  about who you're buying for and when do you need  
it there so um this is sunday coming at you we've  missed the cut off for shipping if you're trying  
to ship gifts for the christmas holiday or maybe  this is something you're gifting for yourself  
consider that it's probably not going to come out  until after the holiday but what a wonderful week  
leading up into new year's to get some cozy pieces  if you need it now go visit us at an evereve store  
if you're not familiar with our store locations go  to we've got a great store locator for  
you we are wearing mass we are social distancing  we're keeping things very very safe but still  
delivering what we call heart which is our styling  experience and helping you in our stores if you're  
most comfortable at home try dressing room to go  we'll pull out pieces for you you can try them on  
in the comfort of your home and then come back two  days later and let us know what you loved and what  
you want to keep and finally in-store pickup you  can buy online and you can come in the store and  
pick up so we're trying to serve you the best way  we know how but i just want you to think about how  
quickly do you need these pieces okay breaking  up cozy sets this is actually a sister piece by  
michael stars to this lounge pant and it is full  on lounge at home fabulous it it kind of looks  
like a little bit of a wool fabric it actually  looks a little dressier it's a poly rayon blend  
with a smidge of spandex in it it just feels like  it would really breathe as you're lounging at home  
beautiful beautiful fabric i'll put this on in a  minute but let me tell you about how to get more  
wear out of this outfit and take it back to denim  so let's start with the top again this is michael  
stars dolmen so if you don't know what a dolman is  it's when we've we've got this drop to the sleeve  
um really nice long cozy sleeve this is a large  i could have sized down but i actually kind of  
like the cozy paired with like a little bit  of sexiness with the oversized look of it  
um and then built-in knot you don't have  to knot it yourself it'll stay in place  
love this look left a little room for bracelets  left my kenzie necklace on so it's great to kind  
of give it a little bit of accessories let  me tell you about the denim so this is the  
riley by agolde she is the hero jean of the  fall and winter season everyone loves her  
if you have not pulled the trigger on  kind of moving into a straight leg denim  
i'm telling you if you are curvy or the higher  end of the size spectrum you can do this  
it is a little bit more rigid fabrication she's  not super stretchy but i'm in a 30 this is a 10  
and i can go a 10 12. so this is a generous cut  you should wear you know you're true to size i  
don't think you're going to need to size up it's  got some fun deconstruction at the knees again  
straight at the bottom and i've got it paired with  a p448 high top high tops i love my p448s from  
evereve i've been wearing them since we carried  them oh my goodness two springs back um but the  
really the update for fall and winter is to go  into a high top this is the crystal and i think  
she's worthy of showing to you and worthy of her  name just a little bit of pop of fun and glitter  
at the top these are actually pink shoestrings  they're adorable but yet she still has kind of  
a distressed look on the sides and she's  just a fun like juxtaposition of feminine  
but also a little edge from a funky tennis shoe  so i'll put her back on so overall just love  
love this casual look um sadie bracelets  can i tell you if you can run into an  
evereve store and you need a stocking stuffer or  you are suggesting a stocking stuffer for yourself  
this is a beautiful stack of four but you know  we love our sadie bracelet she's just so easy  
to pair with everything let me get that lounge  pant on for you okay i will be quick because i  
want to show you one more look but here's the full  on lounge of the set so you've got wide waistband  
pockets super super cozy wider leg  i've got my minnetonka slippers back on  
what i will say depending on where you are  across the country if you are privileged out  
in warm weather yeah yeah i know you're out  there i am not it's snowing outside right now  
this is lightweight you can do cozy at  home in this it'll be perfect for you  
um but i also think those of us in illinois  those of us in the twin cities in minnesota  
um this is going to be perfect for cozy in  front of the fire as i'll be back okay last  
look i told you we're gonna keep it cozy keep  it casual today this i think is a little bit of  
sporty spice casual i don't know about you 44 grew  up with the spice girls i love a little sporty  
spice let me tell you about the brands this tank  great little muscle tank by spiritual gangster  
i love spiritual gangster they always have feel  good messages that just make you feel good you're  
putting something great out into the world this  one's more love more fun more hugs more joy  
fun fact did you know that at Evereve that our  mission is to deliver joy like that is literally  
our mission our hope is that every piece every  outfit you buy from every contributes to a closet  
that you can walk into every day and feel joy and  it makes you feel good about yourself world is  
hard enough especially right now clothes should be  fun and they should work for you let us help you  
okay after the tank we've got sundry jogger this  is our best-selling jogger i'll kind of step back  
so you can see the overall silhouette of it um  couple reason i think it's a best-selling pant um  
this is by far um the most universal fit i  i've yet to see a body type it doesn't work on  
um it also is $88 it's a great buy and then  finally the fabrication you're not going to  
be able to see this on video but it feels like  a t-shirt like it feels great and then i've got  
it on gola sneakers um these gola sneakers  are cheetah print kind of a great neutral to  
pair back to anything if you're not familiar  with gola they're $98 they're really a great  
price for the quality um the comfort that you get  out of this sneaker now if you're in warm weather  
friends you're good to go right now right but if  you're like me and you're in the midwest you're  
gonna throw on this blank nyc jacket over this  look it's plush inside and out you know sometimes  
it's gorgeous on the outside right and you're  like oh that's going to feel so good and then  
you get to the inside and it's not there no no  no no we did the plush for you on the inside too  
so this feels so good usually um being a size  10 12 a large on top i'm a little nervous  
about plush pieces and i get a little nervous  that they're going to make me look bigger on top  
than i really am this piece has so much shape  to it between the large kind of cowl hoodie  
gathered in at the bottom it's got so much shape  you don't need to worry about that and i did not  
need to size down this is a large love love  this look for running errands from our evereve  
family to yours happy holidays we hope you're  finding joy in new holiday traditions this year

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