Color Trend: Black & White

Color Trend: Black & White

Head-to-toe neutrals are so easy—and always chic. Tune in as Mel shares 3 of our favorite black & white looks (the color palette that's forever trending).
Show Transcript
hi every friends it's mel i am back in
the fitting room in chicago at our
oakbrook location and coming out to show
you some of my favorite looks today we
are going to talk about
great black and white outfits i think at
every we have become known for our print
and our color and we do that beautifully
but our buyers and designers i think
also do a great collection of just super
simple neutrals which are always easy
chic looks so let me start with this top
this is by every so we designed this
it is a great little simple blouse for
spring and into summer this is the
penelope poplin blouse and it's knit in
the v
and then in this little volume not not a
lot so if you're not into the really you
know voluminous statement tops this is
much more simple it doesn't have a ton
of volume
but it goes back to this woven
fabrication so you've got this kind of
woven in your sleeve and then some
detail right here at the elbow and then
the the bodice of it is in this knit
fabric you know i love a v-neck
especially for those of us that are
broader through the shoulder or have
more of a bust but but really you can't
go wrong on any body type
with a v-neckline but i do really love
this just really easy to pair back to
your summer
skirts and shorts
but i have it paired back keeping this
kind of chic look
to our level 99 linen trouser this is
the belle seam trouser
it actually comes in three different
colors so i've got it on in black you
can also pick it up in the white or in
the camo let me show you on the camo
it's hard to see black on camera so when
it's called the seam trouser there is a
seam going down right through the middle
which is really slimming and then you
can kind of see on me it bells out at
the bottom it's got a wide leg
and it is definitely
a little bit above the ankle i'm 5'7
again for reference
but it's great it's a little bit higher
waisted and then it has a tie so you can
kind of play where you want that tie but
talk about date night easy wear to work
lovely outfit and then just accessorize
right so i'm in these really cute schutz
i'll show you up close and personal so
you can see them
they come in two colors so obviously i
have on the neutral and again this is
the amelie
the amelie double strap heel and so
you've got this really pretty neutral a
little bit of fray there or you can get
it in the denim color so fun great
little stacked heel
especially if you want to take this from
work out to date night okay more black
and white you can't get any easier than
a simple
light summer white dress i love white
with a little bit of a you know faux
so beautiful for all different skin
this one is by splendid this is the
and when i say easy it truly truly is
easy it has pockets it feels like you're
wearing a little slip dress don't worry
i know most women in the fitting room
when they get on white are worried about
a lining this has a very
easy thin lining to it but it covers
everything don't worry that you want it
to cover
and again fun little pockets this would
be a great little i know i have a couple
graduations coming up that i need to go
to this would be a great little
graduation dress
something to throw in on vacation for an
easy dinner out
again 5'7 for reference it's a couple
inches above the knee i'd say a little
bit longer actually than most of our
shorter dresses and then i really like
it paired back to a little bit of a heel
so this is corkies
let me show you up close and personal so
this is the drew so there's all these
fun kind of 70s inspired inspirations
that are coming out in fashion right now
and in footwear as well
and so cork ease has this great little
drew heel you can see the wood in the
stacked heels the studs here and this is
kind of a it's not a shiny leather i
really like that about it it's kind of a
muted out leather
really fun really easy and comfortable
to wear
and it just has that great little 70s
vibe which sticking with the 70s vibe i
did this little
paris raffia statement earring
it is just tan neutral braided very
light to wear i know sometimes women are
afraid of statement earrings because
they're a little heavy this is
incredibly like paper light weight
so between just the neutral of this
great white dress pair it with a heel
and i think it'll get you through all
your summer occasions okay more black
and white looks for you taking it back
to denim how to take your black and
white back to denim i i tell you what
nothing is making me happier in fashion
right now than these 70s vibes they're
uh definitely speaking to the boho style
aesthetic in me and you will find me
today um in a little kind of retro
peasant top wide leg denim and a little
70 inspired heel i'm gonna be in this as
long as i can until it gets too hot in
the summer to wear it so let me tell you
about this look this little blouse is by
sanctuary so it is really black and
but it is called the don't forget me
blouse and then the print is called mint
spritz so it really is black and white
but i don't know if this is hard to see
on camera or not but it's got a little
bit of just a mint into the floral
which is really pretty and very subtle
and this blouse has a little bit of sexy
so there's little eyelets that run
through it it opens up you've got the
draw the little strings here that you
can just wear open again kind of opens