Blue Is the New Black

Blue Is the New Black

Tune in as Heidi rounds up our favorite of-the-moment neutral—and shows us why blue just may be the new black.
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it's live time hi everyone how are you
heidi here and we are talking about one
most my
i'd say surprise trends of spring season
and that is taking
that black in your closet and refreshing
it with what i like to call
the new black
navy so many shades of fabulous blues
that can be infused into your closet
they look just as cool dressed up as
they do dress down a little bit lighter
in the palette so easy to wear fabulous
with denim
you cannot go wrong so i'm going to talk
about all the blues you need
and some rule
breakers that i want everyone to abandon
from that list because yes you can do a
couple of things you were told at one
point you can't
okay so starting with this look first
rule breaker yes you can mix shades of
white and cream with blue it doesn't
need to go pure nautical when we're
talking navy and that's one of the
things i love about blue that makes it
feel really fresh i've got on this
amazing fara pant
this is from z supply so you know the
comfort factor is through the roof on
this guy it is a higher rise but thank
you thank you z supply elastic waistband
so uber uber comfortable
featuring that fun wide leg that we've
all been loving this season now it has
to be said
i am 5'4 but i'm going to remind all of
you that i've got the legs of a five
foot one gap
short short legs so these on me i love
them i think they're really fun it's
kind of taking the idea of a maxi dress
and putting it into a pant they feel
like a jogger they are hitting me below
my ankle now if i wanted to have a
little bit more of a summer vibe i would
probably shorten these to just above my
ankle so on you
longer legged gals and i know that most
of you out there are
it's going to hit you probably above
your ankle bone really chic really
pretty you can wear it with a wedge you
can wear it with a flat you can dress
them up with a heel now
how am i pairing it well i took this fun
chaser tank that's in this great marine
blue and white and paired it back mixing
my neutrals little pop of blue i've got
this great little espadrille wedge on
and i am set to me this is
casual easy breezy i want to feel put
together want to feel a little bit more
elevated and done okay
how to take these pants though and turn
up the volume a little bit more
this is where your statement top comes
in now i'm thinking this is for
fun brunches maybe you've got some
showers graduations coming up and the
dress code is that obscure
casual chic backyard dressed up i don't
know what to wear kind of
gotcha okay so we're going to start with
really fun top so take these great pants
and then pair it back to this beautiful
new blouse now here's a great example of
something that would typically be
grounded in a black instead it's
grounded in this gorgeous midnight navy
this is from sanctuary
we talked about this a couple weeks ago
this gorgeous square neckline so
flattering so pretty i'm actually going
to pop this guy on just so we can talk
about the neckline on this one you can
also see
the rise on these now this pan does have
a belt loop we've been talking a little
bit about belts too lately and how they
can really finish a look one of the
things i think is really fun about a
wide leg pant
especially when it's got a higher waist
is that you can really nip in that waist
and accentuate it with a belt this is
that little free people cammy love this
guy for a simple little layer okay so
we've got this great little sanctuary
top grounded in navy it's got shades of
light blue
a little bit of pink here and a little
bit of kind of a creamy white
i see a strap
behind me
more fluid sleeve and then you can see
right the bottom is just open now
yes you could do this right it's flowy
it's easy it's super relaxed fun but
i am going to take advantage of these
amazing pants
and the fact they just give me a
fantastic waist
even on the days when maybe
my waist is
not as cooperative as i'd like it to be
and do a little tuck there you go now
i've got a little bit more shape and you
can also see i think when you do that
full tuck
it really helps to elevate the look and
dresses it up just a little bit more now
especially yeah you could absolutely do
these you can also pop on like that
great shoots heel
neutral elevates it even more or for you
longer legged ladies you can pop on just
a flat slide put that guy on and it
feels a little bit more casual easy
breezy let's talk about that square
flattering and easy one of the things i
love about this neckline is it is bra
but still really opens up the neck so
elongates your neck
opens up your chest if you are more full
figured it doesn't
make you feel top heavy if you are more
petite it balances you out a really
really easy one to wear kind of the
sister to this under our own label is
this beautiful paisley version so you
can see this guy i would say of the two
what are the differences a little bit
i'd say of a sweeter more delicate print
this to me reads a little bit more
bohemian so this is from ronan ryan it's
more of a paisley print versus this
which i think is more of an abstract
floral this is definitely grounded
in that deep rich navy but has great
hits of cream and taupe and pink so if
you like a little bit i'd say more

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