Best Sellers To Grab ASAP

Best Sellers To Grab ASAP

Want the inside scoop on pieces that are flying right now? Tune in as Meg takes you on a store tour to show you our hottest sellers (hurry, they won't last long!).
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happy friday friends we're going to do a
little switcheroo today i'm going to
show you my first look and then i'm
going to take you on a fun little tour
of my store super excited to share and
show all of our best sellers here at
evereve noblesville let's start with
this darling dress from french
it is so so darn cute i am in a two for
size reference i do need a zero just
because i'm a little bit more narrow in
my shoulders and i feel that a zero
would fit a little bit better in my
shoulders so just keep that in mind for
a size reference but it is actually a
really really dark navy i love the
square neckline i love the ruching on
but it is a long little midi dress it
has pockets it is a tiered dress this
tier dress works really well for my body
type because the tearing doesn't start
here at my widest spot it actually hits
a little bit lower so it's not like
bunching or anything gives me movement
it is
so comfortable easy
one and done throw it on and you're good
to go look and then i have the new dolce
vita these are those wrap um sandals i
think they're ninety dollars girls will
help me down here but just a great nude
color i love that this is just a little
bit of an elevated look you can totally
put on the tevas i think that would be
great also just like a little bit of a
sporty chic vibe too but this dress is
it is going pretty fast here in my store
so um i wanted to share it with you
because i have a feeling it's going to
even faster after we show it here but i
am now going to take you on a tour of
the store and show you some of our best
sellers so hold on so the first thing
that everyone is loving right now is
this blazer from ever eve
um it is just a great little pinstripe
so could that be navy yes could it be
black possibly could you put a lot an
olive underneath it and it has like a
green hue totally it is like the
chameleon blazer
it is a great structured one so if you
like a little bit more of a structured
blazer this is your go-to
um i feel that some people are either
going they're true to size or sizing up
in this just depending on how you want
it to fit some wanted a little bit of a
looser boyfriend fit but this is just a
spring summer look totally rock it with
shorts definitely wear with a dressier
pant or a jean whatever the case may be
but that
is going pretty fast
um and i don't think it's gonna be
slowing down anytime soon let's go over
to this part of the store
this is a new top from ron and ryan so
this is our in-house
this is a wonderful one everyone's been
loving the square top on this the square
neckline so you can wear this on the
shoulders off the shoulders i love the
colors that is navy i think heidi showed
this on live a couple weeks ago but i
just love that little floral print right
here it does have an elastic
bottom here
it is great for all body types i really
like this because it shows and gives a
this is going to be great again with
shorts you can do white bottoms you can
do light colored jeans totally dress
this up for the office if you have to go
in but this is just a great number right
here again going super fast i think we
had 13 14 of them out here we are down
to five i do believe that is running
true to size as well all right let's
make it over here
uh this is the sydney stripe off
shoulder top from every again an
design um it is 88
running true to size love this for so
many reasons just because it's like the
quintessential spring and summer top
with that off shoulder
you're going to do a strapless with this
it is a three-quarter sleeve and it has
a banded bottom it's not tight at all so
that way you can pair it back really
nicely these are the ever shorts
big big fans of that everyone in our
area is loving the ever shorts and the
ever straight denim that would make a
great complete outfit you could even do
the shoes that i have on today with that
you can do the tavas you can do a little
sneaker whatever
occasion is but this is just such a
darling piece super super lightweight
and it's just a great spring top let's
make our way over to
some bright colors here i'm loving this
tiered maxi dress from z supply i like
this because again this tearing does not
hit it's a flowy one so it's not hitting
across my widest
part and it's not bunching but it's just
a great full length maxi you can totally
pop in
a little
michael stars
tank right here give that a full tuck
denim jacket and you are good to go
wear it with a flat wear it with a wedge
whatever the case may be
if you're daring enough you can even
wear this as like a halter dress and
then give it um a belt and you have a
totally different look all right let's
make it to the back of our store this is
one of my favorite tanks this is the um
tie tank from every again another
in-house design you're not going to find
this anywhere else our designers are
killing it i wore this top as my
headshot look for the catalog for this
spring and it's everything it's a great
not so basic basic dress this up dress
this down runs true to size it's a
mineral red color but it's so darling
you can wear your regular bra with it i
love that detail right here again just a
good knit top but just has that little
small detail right there to jazz it up
for you one more thing to show you this
has been blowing out especially for my
petites who are wanting to step in the
wide leg game this is the seamed trouser
for level 99 um it's the betty seamed
trouser comes in three colors it comes
in black it comes in white and it comes
in a really dark camo so with level 99
we do size down one in this sometimes
people size down two just depending on
how they like the fit so i love this for
petites for so many reasons i like it
because it is
not so wide across going across left to
right it's more of a wide going front to
back so if you are a little bit like
five four and under i really do think
that this is a great wide leg option
for you
because um
it doesn't make you look short appear
shorter than what you really are give
yourself a little lift with um like a
wedge a heel
you can do like a great little
clog like that
or even something a little dressier guys
we got it in black so darn cute
so just giving yourself a little lift in
there is really nice and i just love
that it comes in the three colors the
white um it is not like see-through or