How to Create an (Almost) Spring Capsule

How to Create an (Almost) Spring Capsule

Tune in as Heidi shows us what we need to create a capsule wardrobe for in-between weather (and how to style outfits that look amazing going into spring).
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Show Transcript
00:07 hey gang 00:09 1205 this this is not an example of what 00:13 my day 00:13 has been like from the very beginning 00:16 five minutes late just perpetually five 00:18 minutes late today that's just the way 00:19 it's rolling 00:21 started with like i woke up and should i 00:23 work out and 00:25 if i'm gonna save for that and then my 00:27 daughter had a dentist appointment and 00:29 not one not two dot three 00:31 four teeth pulled gang four teeth i mean 00:33 holy 00:34 mackinawy and then it just all kind of 00:37 rolled from there so 00:39 it feels like the perfect day to talk 00:42 about 00:43 capsule wardrobe i need a capsule 00:46 wardrobe and so do you and 00:47 i mean this word feels kind of loaded 00:50 and big right i mean 00:52 i'm going to tell you right now a 00:53 capsule wardrobe is not about having 00:55 seven pieces in your closet and that's 00:56 all you have that's all you wear and you 00:57 just rotate them through and all you 00:59 wear is black and white and khaki and 01:01 that's not what a capsule wardrobe needs 01:02 to be now if that is your jam 01:05 you do you and you embrace that but when 01:08 i think about a capsule wardrobe what i 01:09 really think about are what are those 01:11 kind of workhorse pieces 01:13 you can just mix and match and are the 01:16 foundations of your closet 01:18 that are really easy to put on that make 01:21 you feel good 01:22 to go with a heck of a lot of stuff that 01:24 can be dressed up or dressed down 01:26 and just get you through whatever season 01:27 you're in so i think capsules look a 01:29 little different from season to season 01:31 i think capsules look a little bit 01:33 different from person to person but 01:35 i find this time of year is tricky 01:38 tricky tricky it was super cold last 01:40 week it's getting warmer this week 01:42 here in minnesota when it's warm and 01:44 when i say warm i mean 40 degrees 01:47 everyone is like whoa 01:49 it's like sunshine and they're wearing 01:51 shorts and 01:52 it's crazy town so but it's still cold i 01:56 mean the reality is you think it's warm 01:57 you go outside and you're freezing so 01:58 you do need some of those in between 02:00 pieces 02:00 so i thought how fun for us to just 02:04 embrace what's going on right now and 02:06 think about a capsule wardrobe for this 02:07 in 02:08 between season are you with me 02:11 okay we're gonna run through all the 02:12 favorite pieces i can't wait to talk 02:14 about it i know that this always brings 02:16 up a ton of questions 02:18 so i'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for you 02:20 and i want to hear what you guys are 02:22 wondering about right those 02:24 layers that you need those great easy 02:26 pieces 02:27 whatever else you can think of i just 02:30 asked the questions away but we're going 02:31 to start from the very beginning so 02:33 when i build a capsule what i first 02:35 think about are the pieces that i'm 02:36 gonna wear the most which for me 02:38 kind of always comes down to bottoms i 02:41 don't know about you but i've got 02:43 you guys have seen my closet when i do 02:44 stories right i've got a stack of 02:46 width of stack of denim so so high so so 02:50 big 02:50 and i find i reach for the same three 02:52 pairs over and over again so 02:55 i did the legwork for you pun intended 02:57 and here is the jean you need 02:59 you need a good straight leg 03:03 down now it can be a little distracted 03:05 it can be a little bit clean 03:07 but this is absolutely positively the 03:10 jean you need 03:11 to update your wardrobe and to kind of 03:13 build from 03:14 this is what looks fresh i know there 03:16 are a ton of you out there who 03:18 did not shop last year and if you did 03:19 you most certainly did not buy jeans 03:22 i hear ya i see ya and so we're gonna 03:24 get you a pair of jeans that can just 03:26 update your wardrobe like that now 03:28 here's the thing i'm gonna tell you 03:29 right now 03:31 i know there's all this talk about 03:32 skinny jeans not being relevant 03:35 pasha i say push out of that i still 03:37 love myself a good skinny jean 03:38 but i do think that a straight leg more 03:41 relaxed 03:42 denim with a higher waist absolutely 03:45 updates your wardrobe and 03:46 really feels fun with some of the other 03:48 pieces so i've gone on you're not going 03:50 to find this any surprise 03:51 the a goldie riley now this is a cleaner 03:54 wash and the reason i grabbed this is 03:56 because i know that sometimes 03:58 we just don't want destruction now it 04:00 comes in this amazing 04:02 kind of darker blue clean wash i also 04:04 happen to think that this 04:05 bluer wash is really really crazy 04:08 flattering 04:09 but it also comes in a more destructive 04:11 version truth be told 04:13 i have both colors because some days i 04:15 want no destruction and sometimes i want 04:16 destruction 04:17 sometimes i just want to be a little 04:19 more clean a little more refined 04:20 sometimes i want to add a little bit 04:21 more edge 04:22 i find that this is the one i wear maybe 04:24 for work or if i'm wearing a top that 04:26 has a little bit more edginess to it i 04:28 find that these are the jeans i wear 04:30 for like date night even if date night 04:32 means still sitting at home 04:33 but i want to jazz it up or i'm just 04:35 wearing a cleaner top and i want a 04:36 little bit of interest in it so 04:38 two ways to go how does this fit i find 04:41 it runs true to size 04:42 it definitely has a higher waist so if 04:44 you have not gotten yourself into a 04:45 higher rise denim 04:47 this is a good one to try it really does 04:50 hold the bum in i am 5'4 it hits me 04:54 right at my ankle 04:55 sometimes i do a little bit of a cuff 04:57 just to show a little bit more 04:58 but it is one of my absolute favorite 05:01 fitting 05:02 jeans out there i just want to see if 05:03 anyone has any questions right 05:06 do you love this this is such a good 05:07 jean guys and if you want to see what 05:09 this looks like 05:10 on we wore this for reals 05:13 myself mel ash and meg so you can see 05:16 what this jean looks like 05:17 it looks fabulous on so many body types 05:19 one of my faves so 05:20 straight leg denim a goldie riley one of 05:24 my favorites but i did pull 05:25 two others that i think are pretty 05:27 pretty groovy 05:28 the first is cut this is the rachel 05:31 now very similar fit 05:35 lower price point which is always lovely 05:37 from cut 05:38 kind of in between right so not as much 05:40 destruction 05:42 as that lighter wash but more 05:43 destruction than the wash i'm wearing 05:45 right now 05:46 i really like this guy has a lot of 05:48 stretch in it which feels really good 05:50 and that 05:50 wider leg opening very very flattering 05:54 this also has a raw hem so for those of 05:56 you that are a little bit more petite 05:58 and want 05:59 more of that ankle showing and i think 06:00 that is a key part 06:02 of this straight leg denim get that 06:05 ankle out in the air you 06:06 want your ankles showing it gives you 06:08 longer legs it shows off your kicks and 06:10 your sneakers i'm for sure gonna sneeze 06:12 so bear with me i have a horrible sneeze 06:14 it's very 06:15 quiet and very strange so i'm gonna keep 06:18 looking at the light and see hope it 06:19 goes away 06:21 but i do love this cut jean i think it's 06:23 a fabulous fit and it's a really nice 06:25 kind of blend 06:26 between these two riley offerings 06:29 darker wash like the one i have on now a 06:31 little bit more destruction like this 06:33 guy 06:34 really fun one this is the rachel so 06:36 foundation piece 06:37 now one more option this 06:40 has been kind of a little sleeper style 06:44 but one of the reasons i absolutely love 06:46 it it's the cleanest 06:48 straight we have out there now this is 06:49 from citizens of humanity 06:51 this is the charlotte now the charlotte 06:53 we have had in our assortment 06:56 gosh i don't even know for how long a a 06:59 while now but it's 07:00 i think this maybe brand is a little bit 07:02 newer to you what do we love about 07:04 citizens well 07:05 citizens in a goldie are actually the 07:07 same company 07:09 citizens is their more elevated brand 07:13 i find they do fit a little bit 07:14 different now i think the rise 07:16 and kind of this portion of a goldie 07:19 tends to run a little bit longer 07:22 than the citizens line does so 07:25 if you have a little bit shorter torso 07:27 if your rise is a little bit shorter i 07:30 think 07:30 citizens is a really lovely fit i also 07:34 really like citizens if you have a 07:36 little bit more of a boyish figure if 07:38 you are more straight up and down 07:40 citizens is really flattering and gives 07:43 you a nice tush if you don't have one 07:45 now i still think it works great for 07:47 curve because i carry a little bit more 07:49 weight here especially in my legs 07:51 and i am a tried and true citizens lover 07:54 but there are some subtle differences 07:56 just a really classy 07:58 classic jean to have in your wardrobe 08:00 and again you guys of 08:02 all the versions this is the cleanest 08:04 even cleaner than the riley 08:06 no destruction on the hem no destruction 08:09 on the pocket so if you want that just 08:12 easy goes with everything goes 08:14 everywhere jean the charlotte from 08:15 citizens is a fabulous foundation piece 08:19 so great right i know old citizens right 08:21 i mean citizens 08:22 is one of those brands that's kind of 08:23 been around forever they were one of the 08:25 og 08:26 premium denim brands they keep going 08:29 because they have just 08:30 nailed that vintage 08:33 look with an incredible fit so 08:37 one of my faves so many ways to do it i 08:39 wish i could try these on maybe i'll try 08:40 them on in the stores for you so you can 08:41 see 08:42 um but they are really wonderful 08:45 straight legs so 08:46 all right foundation straight leg denim 08:49 now what are we 08:50 wearing with the straight leg denim like 08:51 let's talk about it for a hot second 08:53 well 08:54 you need a good core tank 08:58 now i know all of you have been doing 09:01 your curls right your curls for the 09:03 girls 09:03 the girls meaning your daughters 09:06 in preparation of the muscle tank that 09:09 is coming for spring i'm just kidding 09:10 you guys you don't need to do curls for 09:12 this 09:12 here's why we love the muscle tank 09:15 it gives you a tiny bit more coverage on 09:18 the shoulder 09:19 kind of goes with everything and just a 09:21 good 09:22 tank is such a fabulous foundation piece 09:24 to put kind of under anything 09:26 or wear on its own now i have another 09:29 tank i'm going to show you that has a 09:30 more open neckline so 09:32 if you're a crew gal or a v-neck gal 09:34 i've got options for both but let's talk 09:35 about this crew neck from michael stars 09:37 now this is the iris 09:38 tank we had this last year you might 09:41 remember it 09:43 we had it in tie dye it was absolutely 09:46 stunning 09:46 well it's so good we brought it back 09:50 in an even better fit now why do i love 09:53 this well 09:54 number one i love the crew i tend to 09:58 because i'm more petite i like having a 10:00 little bit more coverage up here it 10:01 helps me feel a little bit longer 10:03 sometimes i just don't want a v i want a 10:06 little bit more coverage here and 10:07 sometimes with a jacket i don't like 10:09 that v i like a cleaner line so 10:11 number one number two i love this muscle 10:13 tank 10:14 shape on the sleeve now it's not cutting 10:17 away the way a normal tank good right 10:19 it's sitting more just on the top of 10:20 your shoulder 10:22 i have very broad shoulders i actually 10:25 think it makes me feel 10:26 strong and makes me feel good so i 10:28 really like it 10:29 number three i tucked it in so you guys 10:31 could see but 10:32 i'm gonna untuck it for you it's not 10:34 crazy 10:35 long so this guy looks really good with 10:37 a cut off 10:38 it looks great half tucked with a jean 10:42 right because it's not so long you're 10:44 not shoving it all in there or 10:46 really fabulous all the way tucked in i 10:49 know so many hearts for this guy 10:51 also michael stars so you know the 10:52 quality of the cotton 10:54 is fantastic because it's so comfortable 10:57 but here's the kicker 10:58 this is a collector and what i mean that 11:00 i just mean you're gonna want more than 11:02 one so i'm wearing the black 11:04 i'm gonna grab all the colors this puppy 11:06 comes in 11:08 it also comes in a core white and this 11:10 white is fantastic because it's not too 11:11 see-through 11:12 right it's just sheer enough that it 11:14 feels light and feminine and pretty but 11:16 not see-through that you feel like 11:17 you're showing the world what's going on 11:19 and then it also comes in two fabulous 11:21 prints 11:22 this yummy kind of i call it like 11:25 cannibal 11:25 kind of can kind of camo kind of animal 11:28 in this great 11:29 kind of soft green color and then this 11:32 horizontal black and gray tie-dye which 11:35 i think looks so fresh and so fun and is 11:37 so easy 11:38 collectible meaning get more than one 11:41 because it looks so great on so many 11:43 body types 11:44 you are going to want this now with 11:45 jeans you're going to want it 11:47 later with cut offs it looks fantastic 11:49 with sneak peek 11:51 skirts that are coming if you are not a 11:54 shirt 11:54 a short gal and i don't mean height i 11:57 mean shorts 11:58 if you don't love shorts for summer 12:01 skirts are 12:01 absolutely going to be a thing this 12:03 spring and summer and it's so nice to 12:05 have a muscle tank to just pair back to 12:07 it i think it's kind of a 12:08 blend of that feminine and masculine 12:10 which i always like so it doesn't feel 12:12 too sweet 12:13 it doesn't feel too hard so one of our 12:15 absolute favorites i absolutely love 12:17 this guy 12:18 now if you want a little bit more 12:21 opening in your neckline and i hear you 12:23 i get it 12:25 there is a fabulous brand new tank we 12:27 just got in 12:28 that has a beautiful v-neck also has 12:33 just this great lines on it and really 12:35 easy to wear and i'm showing you the 12:36 coral color because it's so 12:38 fun this is from z supply this is the 12:40 city 12:41 tank so it comes in coral a great white 12:44 and a great black let's look at the 12:45 white just because i think you can see 12:46 the detail the best on this 12:48 why do we love this guy now this is 12:50 going to have a little bit more 12:52 drape i think than the michael stars 12:54 iris 12:55 this iris is 100 cotton it's got a 12:58 little bit more of i think a dry hand to 13:00 it this guy 13:01 a little bit more swingy now in a good 13:04 way i think this lovely underneath a 13:07 jacket you can dress this puppy up a 13:09 little bit it also has eraser back so 13:11 sexy sexy pretty pretty love that about 13:14 it and i 13:15 love this wider band around the neckline 13:19 and around the sleeve i think that's so 13:22 nice it just looks like an elevated 13:24 finish to an otherwise pretty core tank 13:26 and that attention to detail i think is 13:28 what makes this guy so special 13:30 also ps at 39 i mean 13:33 come on it's a steal right a total steal 13:36 so why do you need a great tank well 13:39 this time of year when we're thinking 13:40 about layering and like sometimes the 13:42 morning starts off cold 13:44 right and then it ends up warmer i know 13:45 i saw someone was from 13:47 arizona and i'm sure right now i know 13:49 what the weather's like there right you 13:50 start off and it's like 40 in the 13:52 morning and then suddenly it's 70 and 13:54 what the heck 13:54 you're shedding and putting on layers 13:56 like crazy 13:58 this tank whichever direction you go 14:01 crew or v 14:02 is such a fabulous piece to put on 14:04 underneath a jacket or underneath an 14:05 easy little sweatshirt so 14:08 surprise surprise that's going to be my 14:10 next piece 14:11 what do you need when it comes to that 14:13 layer well let's start off 14:15 with a fun sweatshirt right i 14:18 just find i'm always gravitating towards 14:22 an easy little novelty sweatshirt that 14:24 feels playful that looks good with jeans 14:26 and then even on those warmer days i can 14:28 pop it on with shorts and it's going to 14:29 last 14:30 me all season so i grabbed a couple 14:33 faves 14:33 kind of two different categories the 14:35 first is a print now 14:38 i mean you just if you're going to 14:39 embrace a print i want it to be 14:41 something that i don't get tired of 14:43 after wearing it twice 14:44 that seems silly and so my go-to print 14:48 when i'm looking for something that 14:49 feels like it's got a little kick to it 14:50 but isn't repetitive repetitive 14:52 is camo so two different options here in 14:56 a camo sweatshirt the first is from 14:57 sundry 14:58 i'm digging this guy with this little 15:00 neon hit so fun 15:02 now this is a great one because it's 15:03 both a wider neckline you can wear it 15:06 normal or 15:07 slip it off the shoulder for a little 15:09 sexy moment 15:11 so cute with jeans but still getting 15:14 pretty 15:14 neutral so you can really wear this a 15:16 lot of ways i love 15:18 love love this with black i think it 15:20 also looks great with blue 15:22 super cute with a lighter wash because i 15:24 think that really pops the 15:26 print and there's something about that 15:28 little sporty neon stripe that i think 15:30 is so playful and fun 15:31 now if you want to go a little bit 15:33 lighter 15:34 especially again if you are living in a 15:37 warmer climate and you just want lighter 15:38 and brighter right now 15:40 this is such a fun option right an 15:43 unexpected 15:44 camo print but still feels really 15:46 neutral now i love this guy again 15:49 back to denim and then i'm going to show 15:50 you a great little pant that also would 15:52 complement this so well 15:54 this is one of those rare moments when 15:56 even if you are a blonde you can wear 15:57 yellow because it's mixed back to some 15:59 other 16:00 neutrals really fun really easy this is 16:03 almost borderline 16:04 along with this sundry that kind of 16:06 t-shirt 16:07 sweatshirt combo not too heavy not too 16:10 light 16:11 i was i've been kind of calling it the 16:13 like t-shirt sweatshirt like 16:15 something in between weight perfect for 16:18 this time of year because it's not too 16:19 heavy and you can pop it on underneath 16:21 the jacket 16:22 now if you are digging the crew neck 16:25 you want to print this is the direction 16:27 i would go but i'm also sometimes 16:29 looking for just a solid and that's why 16:31 i pulled 16:32 both of these sundry sweatshirts because 16:35 i think to me these 16:36 scream spring this is not a color you're 16:39 going to buy 16:40 in the middle of december this is a 16:41 color you're going to buy when you are 16:43 just dying for that sunshine to come 16:45 your way so two different hoodies and i 16:48 think the hoodie part is the part i 16:50 really want to call attention to 16:52 why we love hoodies so fun 16:55 layered underneath the jacket i'm 16:56 actually going to show you how to do 16:58 that 16:58 because we're going to talk about 16:59 jackets in a hot second which one gang 17:01 which one should i put on what do you 17:02 think 17:04 preference preference we'll go green 17:05 just for fun let's go green 17:07 so little hoodie comes in you know i 17:10 love that purple 17:11 but let's just stay on this green neon 17:13 train for just a hot second 17:16 again not super heavy weight you know 17:18 how sundry does that fabulous drape in 17:20 their sweatshirts 17:21 it's just so yummy and so easy i also 17:24 think the little taping 17:26 on the neckline of this is so darn cute 17:30 and i mean hello 1987. 17:35 i see your neon and i'm bringing it back 17:37 oh yeah and i'm going to look even cuter 17:38 than i did when i was 17:41 itty bitty and maybe maybe rocking this 17:43 in hypercolor do you guys remember 17:44 hypercolor 17:46 that's definitely a kid thing right like 17:47 as an adult you do not want to wear 17:49 hyper color like what if you're hot and 17:50 also like 17:51 your shirts changing color under here 17:52 this could happen right okay 17:54 so here is the deal with this guy 17:56 lighter weight 17:57 fun little taping here hoodie in the 18:00 back now 18:02 this is done right so easy with a little 18:04 jean i might do a little half tuck on 18:06 this just so i get some waist shaping 18:08 but what i think is so fun about a 18:11 hoodie is how you can 18:12 layer this underneath the jacket and let 18:14 that hoodie pop out 18:15 you get a sporty kind of vibe to it now 18:18 i'm going to grab this little camo 18:22 jacket have you been hearing that word 18:25 around town 18:26 yeah it's like a thing it's a shirt and 18:27 a jacket combined 18:29 they had a baby they made this amazing 18:32 piece and really what it means gang is 18:34 this it's more of a shirting silhouette 18:36 but in a little bit heavier weight like 18:38 a jacket now i've seen a ton of versions 18:40 of this 18:41 this winter that we're in like fleece 18:44 sherpa heavier weight i love this guy 18:46 from level because it's 18:48 a stretch linen so it's perfect for this 18:51 time of year 18:52 now super fun to wear with this neon 18:57 unexpected combination i think and it's 19:00 a really 19:01 fun layer when you just want something 19:04 different now 19:05 of course this would be so darn easy to 19:08 wear 19:08 with a jean jacket i mean that's a 19:10 no-brainer 19:12 i've got one of my faves right here 19:13 we'll talk about that in a second 19:15 but i think the jacket is like a really 19:17 fresh and fun 19:19 way to do a jacket layer and the other 19:22 thing i think is fantastic about the 19:24 jacket 19:25 it's a dress-up dress down so it can be 19:28 super super casual right i've got my 19:29 little hoodie poking out here 19:32 just done in a casual way with my jeans 19:35 ready to run around town 19:37 but if i wanted to dress it up maybe i 19:39 just keep on my little black tank my 19:40 clean jeans and i put on a slide i feel 19:42 more elevated 19:44 pop it on over a dress i'm more elevated 19:47 still 19:48 look at the crazy amount of stretch 19:49 right so easy to move in 19:52 so fun to wear guys this is a gotta have 19:56 it in your closet i'm telling you you're 19:57 not gonna regret it 19:59 love love love so we have talked about 20:03 that core tank that you need 20:04 right a v or a crew we've talked about 20:06 that straight leg denim 20:08 be it distracted or clean whatever your 20:11 need is 20:12 the layer you need so a great little 20:13 sweatshirt maybe you want something 20:15 printed and i'm 20:16 loving camo or you do something solid in 20:19 a hoodie which ends up being this fun 20:21 kind of sporty layer 20:22 now let's talk jackets we've got this 20:25 great 20:26 jacket and then the other piece i'm 20:28 always thinking about when i come to 20:30 spring season 20:32 is a fantastic denim jacket now you have 20:34 heard my 20:35 love for this jacket this is the amelia 20:38 from cut 20:39 it is hands down our best selling 20:42 denim jacket from cut for a darn good 20:44 reason there's a crazy amount of stretch 20:46 in this puppy 20:47 it looks great over dresses it looks 20:49 great with jeans it looks great with a 20:51 utility pant 20:52 it comes in a multitude of washes cut 20:55 just makes such a awesome fitting jacket 20:59 i just always say these fit 21:01 like a glove i hate it when my denim 21:03 jackets are too stiff and i can't lift 21:04 my arms this guy's so so easy to wear 21:07 i'm gonna pop it on actually over this 21:11 hoodie just so you can see how fun and 21:13 dang this hoodie is cute 21:15 i mean it's so fun right it's just an 21:17 unexpected color and i would say when it 21:19 comes to a capsule wardrobe this is 21:20 where i think it's fun to play 21:23 is get one piece or two pieces that have 21:26 a little bit more personality in them 21:29 to add a little zaza zoo to your look 21:32 okay so here's that amelia 21:34 jacket again guys i'm wearing tank 21:37 sweatshirt it's a lot of layers but i 21:39 want you to see how 21:40 easy this amelia jacket is to pop on 21:43 okay so much stretch in this 21:46 pop that hoodie out of my jacket 21:50 and now i've got another layer i mean 21:52 look at that so easy right now 21:55 if i was gonna be styling this i 21:57 probably wouldn't do denim on denim or 21:58 at least i wouldn't do the same wash i'd 22:00 probably pop on my rallies 22:02 my other rallies that are a little bit 22:03 lighter wash or i do my utility pant 22:06 give myself a little sleeve roll so i 22:08 can show a little bit of wrist 22:10 a little bit more skin good to go and 22:13 under a hundred dollars this amelia 22:15 denim jacket is such 22:17 a steal because your cost per wear 22:20 will be so low does anyone else do that 22:23 equation i know you've heard me talk 22:25 about it 22:25 i do that with all of my pieces how many 22:28 times am i going to wear it 22:29 divide that by the cost and if my cost 22:31 of wear is low i know it is a staple 22:34 item 22:35 that is what capsule wardrobes are made 22:36 of okay so 22:39 running down straight leg tank 22:42 easy layering sweatshirt fantastic 22:45 jacket 22:46 let's talk about another bottom 22:50 that i think adds some really fun 22:51 interest to your 22:53 look i'm going to pop this off just for 22:55 a hot second because we're going to talk 22:56 about 22:57 other tops too that are so great okay 23:01 the other bottom that i put in 23:03 especially 23:04 in springtime when i'm looking for 23:06 something other than denim 23:08 but maybe these gams are not ready to 23:11 show the light of day in a short or a 23:14 skirt 23:15 is a fantastic utility pant now you guys 23:19 have you put on your mod that lara 23:23 utility from level 99 so same brand as 23:26 our fantastic 23:28 jacket this pant is so yummy 23:31 so fun so darn easy 23:35 to wear so super super stretchy 23:40 really easy to put on there's like 23:43 someone in my house 23:45 here's to hoping that we know who it is 23:48 okay so super easy to put on it's got a 23:50 jogger bottom 23:52 zipper on the bottom here really easy to 23:55 slip on 23:56 and it comes in three different colors 23:58 so i love 24:00 this dark dark camo check it out 24:03 so dark so yummy it almost kind of 24:06 blends in right so fun 24:07 then you've got this great green and 24:10 then 24:10 that staple black this is something 24:14 you're going to wear all the time i'm 24:15 going to close my door so make sure that 24:18 no one can hear okay 24:19 so easy easy black something you can 24:21 wear all the time 24:23 now why i love the utility pant is kind 24:26 of the counter to my denim 24:27 because you can dress it up or dress it 24:29 down it can be casual it's a 24:32 little bit more elevated than your knit 24:33 joggers which we've all have been 24:35 loving and living in but i'm looking for 24:38 something that's just 24:38 easy right to put on and would look 24:41 fantastic with my little hoodie or that 24:44 jacket or just my muscle tank this is my 24:47 answer right love love love this guy 24:51 fits like a dream lots of stretch really 24:54 really easy to wear now when i think 24:56 about an outfit i want to put together 24:58 with it well yeah our muscle 25:00 tank or a great little v-neck tank from 25:02 z supply is such an 25:03 easy option but i also think you need 25:06 what i'm gonna 25:07 bucket as like that novelty tee so 25:10 this is the tee that has a little bit of 25:12 personality to it and 25:14 has a little bit more arm coverage that 25:17 is a harder thing to find so 25:19 i grabbed some of my favorites 25:23 to walk you guys through because i think 25:26 this is something that 25:27 works so well with almost any bottom we 25:29 have so 25:30 starting from the top the first is this 25:32 tab of the t from 25:34 nation now this comes in a couple 25:35 different colors you've got this great 25:37 little animal print and remember when i 25:38 was talking about the idea of a castle 25:40 wardrobe if you need a couple zazza zoo 25:42 pieces 25:43 like this or maybe your camo sweatshirt 25:46 or that 25:46 neon green hoodie something that has a 25:49 little bit more 25:49 punch to it i love the tabitha because 25:52 it 25:52 is a more open v-neck so if you are 25:55 curvy on top 25:56 crazy flattering if you're loving that 25:58 layered necklace trend 26:00 a great way to show it off animal 26:03 white as well as black i want to make 26:05 sure i'm getting 26:07 more questions okay good okay so this is 26:09 a really really easy one to wear 26:12 if you are not a v-neck gal 26:15 or if you are more petite through your 26:18 torso 26:19 i grabbed this bobby t now i call this 26:22 kind of our one of our sleeper pieces 26:23 you guys know i always grab what at 26:25 least one of these during live 26:27 because they are those pieces that kind 26:29 of go by 26:30 and you didn't catch how fantastic they 26:32 are now i 26:34 love love love this tee it's a little 26:36 bit shorter length not cropped 26:38 but i like it because with that high 26:39 rise jean i don't have to worry about 26:41 all the tuck it's an easy little half 26:44 tuck moment 26:45 comes in black and white but here's the 26:47 thing that makes this guy sing 26:48 this great little volume balloon sleeve 26:52 so really easy as a little bit of 26:54 interest 26:55 still both of these fantastic to layer 26:59 underneath your jacket but if you're 27:00 looking for a little bit more coverage 27:02 and or you just want something that is 27:05 not a core 27:06 tea such an easy way to go right 27:09 so fun so your tabatha or your bobby t 27:13 both really great pieces to just build 27:15 your wardrobe on 27:17 all right speaking of novelty 27:20 i cannot cannot build a castle wardrobe 27:23 without a graphic tee 27:24 you just need one here's the deal so i'm 27:27 thinking about 27:28 all the fun graphics that are kind of 27:30 out there right now 27:32 say what you feel spread the love spread 27:34 the kindness 27:35 so many options so i grabbed a couple of 27:37 great ones that i'm digging 27:39 now you guys know how much i love 27:40 spiritual gangster because of the fit 27:42 it's not oversized it's not crazy 27:44 relaxed it's got a beautiful 27:46 cut in on the shoulder so really really 27:48 flattering 27:49 and i always think the messaging is so 27:50 spot on so love this guy love kindness 27:53 grace and happiness and in this core 27:55 gray 27:56 easy back to denim and back to your 27:58 utility bottom 27:59 i also grabbed this guy this is actually 28:01 exclusive to every so you can only get 28:03 it at every 28:04 this little love tank but again in black 28:07 so 28:07 easy to wear here or 28:11 with a little hoodie over it 28:14 if you're looking for something more 28:16 print so now if you've gone more 28:17 solid than some of your other pieces 28:19 this is a really fun piece and looks 28:20 fantastic 28:22 with blue denim or i had to grab 28:25 our chaser with heart tank 28:28 now this guy you know how much we love 28:31 it black with the gold foil 28:33 green with the black white with the gold 28:37 and then this yummy yummy pink 28:38 i don't think you can go wrong in any 28:40 combination 28:42 i'm kind of partial in a capsule 28:44 wardrobe honestly gang 28:45 to one of these front three 28:49 i think they go with so many things and 28:52 are so 28:53 easy to wear great with that utility 28:55 bottom really cute with denim gray with 28:57 the shack it over give you the denim 28:58 jacket over 29:00 lightweight enough and easy enough to 29:02 wear underneath the sweatshirt if you 29:03 need an extra layer 29:05 so fun and only available at every 29:07 absolutely one of my favorites 29:09 gotta get this guy so so good 29:13 okay two more pieces in that capsule 29:16 wardrobe that i just want to talk about 29:18 so we talked about the great 29:20 jacket layer which i am a huge believer 29:23 in 29:23 what if you just feel like you don't 29:25 need a jacket right now but you still 29:27 want 29:27 something that feels a little bit more 29:29 put together 29:32 ding ding ding i've got your answer you 29:33 need a button-down shirt 29:35 did you catch ashley's stories this week 29:37 she did a whole tutorial 29:39 on how to style a denim shirt now here's 29:42 why 29:44 this little shirt be it in this great 29:46 chambray wash or in the white 29:48 is so fantastic it is more relaxed so 29:52 you're not gonna have to worry about 29:53 ironing 29:54 or stiffness or formality in it this is 29:57 a relaxed 29:58 piece guys really really easy to wear 30:01 number two 30:02 soft as can be so we're not talking 30:05 about ironing here we're not talking 30:07 about super 30:08 stiff collars we're talking about this 30:10 yummy yummy fabric that feels as good as 30:12 a t-shirt or a sweatshirt 30:14 but what i really love about a good 30:16 button-down shirt is how 30:18 crazy versatile it is you can dress it 30:21 up you can dress it down 30:22 denim on denim heck yeah amazing with 30:25 utility 30:26 yes you can great under a jacket 30:29 layer it under a sweatshirt so many 30:32 options 30:33 also you can treat it like a jacket so 30:36 if you were looking for something a 30:37 little bit more 30:38 lightweight this is such an easy piece 30:42 to wear kind of as a cheater jacket so 30:46 we're going to do this test which is 30:48 like when i try to unbutton things on 30:50 live which gosh love you guys for 30:52 hanging in there with me when i do this 30:54 because i 30:55 i mean you'd think after four years of 30:56 buttoning and unbuttoning things that 30:58 i'd be better at this but i'm just not 30:59 and i should just remember to 31:01 unbutton these are cloth and stone 31:04 absolutely 31:05 so you know what that means i mean yummy 31:07 yummy now ash talked about the sizing 31:10 and the fin on this guy i'm gonna take 31:11 off this muscle tank 31:12 just so you guys can see it over more of 31:14 a cami because that's probably more how 31:16 you're gonna wear it okay 31:18 so here we go i'm just popping on the 31:22 white because ash wore the denim and i 31:23 want you to see 31:25 the difference now she talked a lot 31:27 about sizing on this one she felt like 31:29 if she wanted it more tailored she wear 31:31 her true size if she wanted it more 31:32 relaxed she'd go up a size 31:34 i agree with her on that a hundred 31:37 percent 31:38 so you want to think about what the 31:39 shirt how you think you're gonna 31:41 wear it i have a total itch in my nose 31:43 oh man you guys all the things today 31:45 so if you're gonna be wearing it more 31:47 relaxed more casual 31:49 this is my normal size you can see i 31:51 mean it's 31:52 relaxed but not crazy oversized if i 31:54 wanted it to feel more like a just 31:56 casual 31:57 kind of throw it on layer jacket i might 32:00 go up a size but 32:02 for kicks let's just go with the size 32:03 i'm wearing right on my normal size now 32:06 layered over just a graphic tee 32:09 here's a tip unbutton those sleeves to 32:12 make it feel a little bit more relaxed 32:15 okay and it just feels like a cash 32:19 easy jacket even roll them up 32:24 fun thing to do or take that fun little 32:27 sweatshirt where's my little paint 32:28 jensen guy 32:29 throw it on over that now you've got an 32:31 extra layer 32:32 so so easy to wear but 32:36 equally chic and put together because 32:38 there's nothing better 32:40 than i believe a white button down and a 32:42 killer pair of jeans 32:44 i mean there is nothing better and then 32:46 you've got this great little stacked 32:48 layered necklace i mean doesn't don't 32:51 you just feel like a million bucks when 32:52 you've gotten on a good 32:53 shirt i think so we're gonna do a couple 32:57 tutorials for you guys on shirting just 32:59 so you guys can see what 33:00 our options are i should definitely 33:02 button that one because that looks a 33:03 little funky 33:04 but here's just another way to wear it 33:09 relaxed open neckline i've got my sleeve 33:12 undone here so i'd roll it up 33:15 done right so easy and so that's one of 33:17 the reasons i just love a good white 33:19 shirt or a denim shirt because it can 33:20 kind of function as a jacket 33:22 but then you get to wear it on its own 33:24 and instantly feel put together 33:25 so so fun okay last 33:29 piece this is that ultimate transition 33:32 piece and it's a little black dress or 33:33 jumpsuit 33:34 little black dress or jumpsuit everybody 33:37 needs one and i grabbed a couple of 33:38 options depending on 33:40 what you think you really are going to 33:41 wear this for so the first piece i 33:44 grabbed was that z 33:45 supply reverie dress this is our most 33:47 i'd say of the group that i pulled 33:49 probably like our most versatile 33:52 meaning i love this guy with a jacket 33:54 over it i think you can pop this on with 33:57 a mule 33:58 or a little wedge or you can wear it 34:00 with a burke 34:01 or a freedom moses and it goes like up 34:04 or down 34:05 so darn easy true to size 34:08 mel were this in her stories this week 34:10 make sure you check it out to see what 34:12 it looks like on she's wearing the black 34:13 and white stripe 34:14 i just love the black because i think 34:16 it's just the clean slate 34:18 easy piece to wear perfect for vacay 34:21 does all the things now if you are 34:23 looking for 34:24 the ultimate flattering crazy flattering 34:28 piece 34:29 that's why i grabbed this michael stars 34:31 jumpsuit now i wore this in stories a 34:33 couple weeks ago 34:34 you guys ate it ate it up it also comes 34:37 in a great little utility green if 34:38 you're looking for a different color 34:40 more of a cropped length spaghetti strap 34:42 sleeves 34:43 but the secret sauce in this one is 34:46 absolutely that elastic waistband 34:48 gives you some really nice shape now if 34:50 you're looking for something that can 34:52 toe the line 34:52 and go like a little bit sexy that's 34:55 when i grab this michael stars rib dress 34:57 we've had lots of conversations about 34:59 those in live and stories you guys are 35:01 curious does this fit 35:04 everybody oh yeah it does it's called 35:06 the magic dress 35:07 keep your eyes out guys i am going to 35:10 make everyone in the style crew wear 35:11 this so you can see how it looks on a 35:13 bunch of different body types 35:15 hands down my favorite dress we have 35:18 because you can dress it up 35:19 dress it down and no fail on my 35:22 crummiest days we're talking the days 35:24 like 35:26 after your period when you had too much 35:28 to eat when you're feeling kind of 35:30 sluggish 35:31 this dress turns it around like nobody's 35:34 business 35:34 so we're going to put it all on for you 35:36 but i know this is one of our most 35:37 reviewed items too so 35:39 send the love about this guy and then 35:41 last but not least if you're kind of 35:43 still digging that 35:44 jumpsuit trend i did grab the good 35:47 american 35:48 jumpsuit because if you want something 35:50 that's not a knit 35:52 feels like a nick because of all the 35:53 stretch and feels a little bit more put 35:54 together 35:55 love this guy now remember this jumpsuit 35:58 runs 35:59 small i actually went up two sizes in 36:02 this 36:02 and it just fit like a glove felt really 36:05 good on 36:06 one of my absolute favorites so 36:11 capsule wardrobe do we cover it all i 36:13 don't know do we do it let's let's run 36:14 down the list 36:16 we're gonna start with an amazing pair 36:18 of straight leg denim 36:19 yep we are be it destructive or clean 36:21 that's what we're gonna do 36:22 we are going to have a great pair of 36:24 utility bottoms 36:26 you need a great pair of utility bottoms 36:27 because you can't wear jeans every 36:28 single day i mean you can 36:30 but let's mix it up and if you're going 36:31 to mix it up you might as well feel 36:33 really really good in the pant that you 36:34 grab so that level 99 lara one of my 36:37 favorites 36:38 you need a core tank be it a muscle tank 36:41 with a great crew neck 36:43 or something with a little bit more of a 36:45 cutaway and a v-neck in that city tank 36:47 from z supply 36:48 fab fabulous fabulous piece you need an 36:51 easy 36:52 layer so grab yourself a sweatshirt i am 36:55 partial to a hoodie 36:56 or maybe something with a little bit of 36:58 print just add some novelty 36:59 camo goes with everything so why not 37:02 lean into that 37:03 you need a fabulous jacket now that 37:06 shacket is such a 37:08 fun option because it's lightweight 37:10 linen 37:11 stretch and really can go with any of 37:14 the dresses and jumpsuits i just walked 37:15 through or looks great with the jean 37:18 and or a denim jacket because you know 37:21 you're gonna wear it many times right 37:22 gang 37:23 okay then four tops a great little 37:25 graphic tee 37:26 because say what you feel say what you 37:28 mean and graphics just look good with 37:30 anything especially when you pop it 37:32 underneath a little jacket 37:34 a novelty tee so something that has a 37:36 little bit of interest between the 37:38 sleeve 37:38 a little bit more coverage as we're 37:40 working through this medium time of year 37:42 and then the little surprise piece 37:45 this great button down because it can 37:47 act like a jacket it feels polished and 37:49 put together 37:50 you can wear it open you can wear it 37:52 clothes it comes in denim or in white 37:53 and it's cloth and stone so you know 37:55 you're going to wear it a million times 37:56 i didn't even talk about shoes but you 37:58 know what i'm going to tell you you need 37:59 a pair of white sneakers and a pair of 38:00 slides 38:02 done okay that was an education 38:06 and capsule dressing like nobody's 38:07 business ranking i hope this gave you 38:09 some great 38:10 ideas on how to build that 38:13 wardrobe i am thinking of all of you who 38:16 did not shop last year and you were 38:18 looking in your closet and you were 38:20 thinking i literally have nothing 38:22 to wear we're going to fix that we're 38:24 going to solve it for you 38:26 get all these pieces online ask for them 38:28 in your transcend or 38:30 of course as always get into every store 38:32 and let us style you it's what we do 38:34 best thank you so much such a fun live 38:38 you totally brightened my day 38:39 and who cares if you're five minutes 38:42 late i mean this 38:43 made up for it times ten right gang okay 38:45 thanks so much we will see you 38:47 soon take care

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