3 Ways to Wear Your Button-Down

3 Ways to Wear Your Button-Down

This summer we're all about chic (and versatile) pieces you reach for over and over again, and to us, that means one thing: a white button down. Tune in as Heidi shows us 3 fail-proof ways to style this closet staple.
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hey hey hey three days three ways woof
this is going to be a good one because
we're talking about my absolute hands
down favorite staple piece in my closet
the white button down you can wear it a
multitude of ways it goes with you on
every single trip you're taking no
matter where you're headed it is your
full proof i don't know what to wear
today piece that you will grab again and
again and again and if you don't have
one yet now is the time i am wearing the
citizens of humanity brinkley now this
is their fabulous kayla silhouette so a
relaxed button-down but done in an
oxford fabrication the kayla is more of
a poplin this is an oxford if you're
wondering what oxford fabrication looks
like think of your dad's work shirt from
the 80s but washed down and
so yummy now i'm a huge fan of oxford
because it holds kind of a more relaxed
feel to it if you like a more crisp
version i go for the kayla if you want
something more relaxed i'd go for the
brinkley same silhouette what makes this
great oversized fit built-in extra set
of buttons so it does that roll for you
you don't need to have a must with it
slightly longer tail and a little bit
more voluminous back to capture that
fabulous kind of easy breezy silhouette
now speaking of easy breezy this is way
number one to wear this casual i treat
it like a jacket now i'm pairing it back
to the nolah tank from michael stars
this tank we've seen versions of it out
there in the market the reason the nola
is so fantastic
is because it has just a touch more
fabrication here and under the arms so
if you've tried this cutaway tank you
like the way it looks you think it's fun
paired back to jeans but you're finding
that it's too narrow across the bust
line or under the arm and you can't wear
your normal bra the nolah is the answer
it is so fantastic comes in multiple
colors and is so so comfortable true to
size now i'm wearing it underneath the
brinkley and then have it paired back to
a great pair of parkers now this is the
parker cuffed
just like the long but with that cuff
leg so you can unroll it and give
yourself even more length which i'm a
huge fan of i love that kind of more
bermuda length that's happening in
cutoffs but if you want it to be more
cash keep that cuff now on my tootsies i
have been waiting for these shoes to
these are arizona love and they could
not be more fun
kind of a sporty sandal but they've
wrapped all the straps in these fabulous
bandana prints there's also a beautiful
it's a great way to wear a casual shoe
but way turn up the chic so if you're
looking at tabas and you feel like they
just feel a little too sporty
these are your answers
tons of options online they're such a
comfortable shoe i absolutely lived in
these last summer when i first found
them and i'm so excited we've got them
at every now
okay we're gonna take this white shirt
and we're gonna take it on a date coming
up look number two
this is undoubtedly my date night staple
i keep it super easy
it's what i gravitate to especially on
those nights when you've got 17 things
on the floor and you wonder why you
didn't just start with this in the first
great white button down great pair of
jeans simple heel
and a touch of gold now here's a secret
in making this top feel night out
appropriate number one i like it tucked
in i think it's important to show your
waist in this when you go oversized and
untucked i think it gets a little bit
relaxed a little bit too casual so
tucking it into a jean preferably
something a little bit higher waist
really accentuates your shape number two
how low can you go i keep my shirt
unbuttoned just a little bit further
than i normally would now a couple ways
around this you can wear your normal bra
with it and i often do like that kind of
trick where
maybe i'll do a little bit of fashion
tape in between the button that i open
and the bottom button so that i'm kind
of splitting the difference
other times i'll just do a little
fashion tape actually on the shirt and
on my skin to hold it in place
just keeping it easy but i want to keep
that neckline nice and open now talking
about the jewelry here we go
adding some serious statement gold i
think is so fun now you can layer up
which i think can be really fun or you
can do something really simple like this
great gold chain which i love it just
feels bold and easy and kind of 70s chic
sexy added a great little bracelet here
fun ring with a little pop of green and
then my heel now here's the deal about
the jean anything goes you can wear a
string you can wear a skinny you can
wear a boot this is a little bit of a
cross between that boot and that flare
this is that lila from citizens of
humanity now i think this jean runs true
to size it's got a tremendous amount of
stretch in it so i say go with your
normal size it's going to feel snug but
it will give with you and it makes it
really easy because of all that stretch
to tuck your shirt in i did a full roll
on this one again showing a little bit
more skin keeping that neckline nice and
open i'll grab a clutch and i am out the
in a flash now this feels really springy
and summery if i wanted to make this
work for fall or winter i just pair it
with a pair of black jeans
turn it up a little bit and you could do
a great pair of trousers
so easy and so fun okay we've got one
kind of in-betweener look coming up okay
last look this is my
just gotta get dressed want to look put
a couple great pieces and done all right
here it is one more time that brinkley
shirt one more way to style it so the