3 Ways to Wear Cleobella

3 Ways to Wear Cleobella

Have you explored our new pieces from Cleobella? With vibrant prints, subtle bohemian silhouettes and gorgeous, artisan-made fabrics, it'll be your new go-to brand for summer. Tune in as Heidi shows us how to style some of her favorites!
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hi everyone three days three ways we are
going to talk about our favorite new
brand to hit every eve cleo bella now
this is a story for the books
printed fabrications
all hand blocked preserving
artisanal work that has been done around
the world for centuries cleo bella
honors those traditions actually has
original artesians
make these incredible products and you
get what is truly a one-of-a-kind
garment no two pieces are exactly alike
but what they are is fabulous chic and
so fun to wear for summer so we're
starting off with one of my favorite new
tops you might have got this in our may
it's a blouse with a slightly ruffled
sleeve i like this because it gives me
just a touch of coverage on my upper arm
v-neck we know how much i love a good
v-neck so flattering on everyone and
buttons down the front now this guy is a
little bit more roomy a true cotton hand
so if you are curvier on top it's still
a really easy one to wear now i did a
full talk into
my new favorite jean this is the lila
boot cut
from citizens of humanity
why i love this it has a tremendous
amount of stretch on it
more i say of a mid-rise so this is not
your belly button scraping high-rise a
little bit more of a mid-rise it's going
to hit just above that hip and a slight
boot so if you are just
toeing into that flare trend this is a
really really nice one to wear because
it is not overwhelming and then popped
on a simple little sandal i love this
guy it mixes rattan
and that great kind of acrylic strap so
it just disappears on your foot
fabulous look for
night out
meeting out with girlfriends or honestly
even a casual day at the office or just
a day when you want to feel put together
and great definitely runs true to size
and i wore my normal size in these as
well because man do they have a lot of
i've got another look coming up and this
one is a dress
okay look number two the gwen mini dress
this is such a fantastic
dress it made the cover of our may
now multiple reasons to love this guy
always a little tricky to find a dress
that has a sleeve this guy a nice
voluminous sleeve but really more of a
three-quarter length so it's not too too
warm but in front so again
keep it open as you wish i love these
little tassels just leave them you don't
need to tie them and then a sash around
the waist now i don't like to do a
perfect bow here i just do that little
half bow pulling that second loop all
the way through but it definitely gives
me a nice shape around my waist
especially with this fuller skirt
bonus this dress has pockets now it's
not like we ever put anything in these
pockets per se but isn't it nice to have
something to do with your hands
especially when you're taking pictures
so kind of love that and it is a mini
length but not crazy crazy short so on
me hitting about an inch above my knee
it'll be a little shorter of course if
you've got long gams bless your heart if
you do
if you don't it is a dreamy dreamy you
know kind of more knee-length dress for
those petite girls now kept it simple
because this print
again is so stunning i want it to be the
star this great little wrap up sandal
from dolce vita we just got in and this
yummy neutral rust color is the perfect
accent against this dress
perfect for brunches
showers i know these are all on our
horizon this summer and we've got the
perfect dress for it one more run around
look coming up okay look number three i
have been stumbling on my words all
morning so let's hope i can make this
one make sense for all of you this is my
run around but i still want to look put
together kind of look take me to a
backyard barbecue bring me to the
sidelines for a game or just a fun i
don't have a minute to myself i've got
to get it all done and i'm going to see
some friends or my significant other or
just hang with my kids kind of look
in other words the one that does it all
so this is this amazing poplin top from
cleo bella now we've been talking about
those incredible black prints they also
do stunning saturated color like this
orchid now i am typically not a purple
person but i think what makes this so
gorgeous is that it's more of a pink
than a purple and lots of blue in this
color so really flattering on so many
skin types that same
great v-neck more of a voluminous sleeve
with a three-quarter
length so it's breezy and poplan so not
hot even as our temperatures climb
not too long on this guy but i did do a
tuck to give myself more of a waist and
because i've got
room in the body it's a really easy one
to do that with
paired it back to the citizens frida
short now if you are a fan of the parker
you like that rolled but maybe it's a
touch too long for you frida is a great
alternative very similar fit a little
bit more open leg that great cuffed
bottom but just a touch shorter so
really great for those of you who just
like a little bit shorter length in your
jean or are more petite so just want to
balance that out with some more leg now
paired it back to this really fun slide
neutral easy i promise this will be your
dress up dress down slide from sam
edelman they even put a little cushion
which is sometimes hard to find in a
great slide so really easy to wear can
you feel that sun coming in it's shiny
in here today which is so exciting
cleo bella one of our absolute favorite
brands in every right now for a darn
good reason it's beautiful it's
optimistic the mission behind the brand