3 Spring Essentials

3 Spring Essentials

Ready for the 3 key pieces you'll reach for over and over again? Tune in as Meg styles our top-rated essentials to buy ASAP: the Sunday Skirt, the Scout Jumpsuit and the Scout Button Down.
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happy friday friends your girl is back i
am refreshed i am sun-kissed and i'm
super excited to share with you some
great spring essentials that you need
for your wardrobe right this moment stay
tuned all right for the first look i
love a good go-to skirt it is the sunday
skirt that you all know and love it is a
little bit of an update from the
saturday skirt that we've carried in the
past so the sunday skirt has a whole new
look to it i'm in the woven material so
it comes in two materials woven like the
one i'm wearing and a little bit more of
a thicker knit material so the woven
skirt that i'm talking about today comes
in two colors this awesome olive green
and this great rust i'm in my true to
size which is awesome amazing so it's
just a little bit of an elevated
material has the pockets still but
there's just a little umph to it so it
move you forward and it elevates you
your style a little bit differently
true to size in that it's a great length
all the way around love the pockets for
the top this is the new cloth and stone
i'm a sucker for cloth and stone it's
probably one of my favorite brands that
we carry in the store just great
shirting and fabrications and it's just
a well tailored made top so if you're a
little bit more on the classic style
cloth and stone is your jam this is the
linen button down
wear your regular nude bra with this
gave it a front tuck and i'm just like
kind of letting it hang out in the back
here i did do a full tuck and i just
didn't like how it looked on me but you
can do a complete full tuck you can even
give yourself a little tie here this
skirt does have a little pull string too
if you need it to be a little bit more
tots right there and then for the shoe
game options these are the tikis
really enjoy these great nude colors so
it's just going to elongate your leg all
the way up we like a long lean leg up in
here but i love the three strap there is
a great little cushion there so it's a
great little throw in your suitcase i
may have done that when i was on
and it's just like the perfect easy
little sandal to go there
let's talk about this earring pack this
is the tasha they'll tell you down here
i think it's called the tasha earring
pack but i just love this little
hoop and it has just that white going on
in there
and then it comes with a fun little
chain let's get that into view
and then a great little paper clip
dangle right there
again i love a pack because you have so
many options and if you have more than
you can wear them both so i think it's
fun to
ma mix and match all of that
and then oh my bracelets
let's talk about that so this is the amy
stack it comes in a stack of two i
actually did um two stacks so because i
like a chunky little bracelet game going
on but that just kind of brings in all
of the good neutrals together love me a
good neutral so
that is look one something really
exciting is coming in to play and the
next look stay tuned all right the scout
jumpsuit is back and it is better than
ever y'all went bananas for this
jumpsuit last spring and summer
we brought it back this spring and
with a few little updates first off this
color is gorgeous it's a great little
terracotta rust color that you'll see a
lot going on i love the v-neck here but
the newest update is the bottom here the
hem it is more of an elastic jogger so
i feel it's going to work for
petites a lot better so you can kind of
judge it up there but it's just to die
for the material is still the same um i
if you remember megan tamty our
co-founder for ever eve um wore this for
a girls day outs and they were doing
wineries and then they ended up getting
onto their boat and she went water
skiing on this how great is that and she
said it dried immediately so
it's truly the jumpsuit for
all the things which is why you need it
so it comes in this great rust color
also is coming in black it has that
great ribbing on the side too so it just
gives that a little bit of a casual look
but you can totally dress this up i
popped on a necklace kept on all the
other jewels i'm keeping this a little
bit more casual put on the tavas here
comes in whites it also comes in black
these are 65
so get both
um i wore these all on vacation they
were like sneaker sandal could chase
after the boys we were on each doing all
the things but they're very very
sizing on the jumpsuit so
it can go one or two ways i
can fit in the small that works for me i
just felt it was a little tight across
my lap area i'm in the medium right now
and i think this actually does work
better for me i like that it has gives
me a little bit more of a blouse it
brings in my waist a little bit more so
you do you on your sizing
take your true to size go up if you
carry a lot right here i also maybe had
a little bit more margaritas and chips
and guac and fish tacos then a normal
person should intake but there it is the
scout jumpsuit it is back two colors
sprints do not walk because this is
gonna go really fast last look and it
might be my favorite look it's the scout
utility button down so it's the same
material as the scout jumpsuit just in
shirt form and it is everything guys
comes in two colors i'm wearing this in
the gorgeous olive color this is my own
personal shirts bought it the day that i
got back from vacation
um did i also get in black i sure did i
sure did just love that it's just
slightly elevated but still casual has
that same ribbing here i call this
armpit paneling that's not the
professional word that we use for it but
you can wear your regular bra so we're
all winning with that
i love that it has just a little bit of
a cap sleeve i really do love a cap
sleeve on pretty much everyone because i
just think it really defines the arms
rather well but you can totally pop on a
denim jacket with this you can do a
blazer and it's super polished put
together and everything left on the
necklace just a little bit of that v
going on i did give it a front tuck i
left that back out you could do a full
tuck let me show you the length of that
totally fine leaving it out too it's
still really put together i just like to
give myself a little front tuck gives me
a waist
there we go let's talk about the bottoms
these are cuts these are the rachel
expose button if i got that wrong the
girls will help me down here
cut we size down so just keep that in
mind i do feel that i'm going to for in
this and i can already feel that it's
growing a little bit or relaxing i'm
sorry so let's just make sure that we
size down and that this is just a great
kind of 90s inspired denim with that