3 Denim Trends to Try Now

3 Denim Trends to Try Now

The easiest way to make your tops feel fresh? New denim. Tune in as Heidi shows us the 3 denim trends you need to try ASAP.
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hello hello every crew so great to see
you here
we are gonna talk today about the three
hottest denim trends to hit
our stores
exactly what you need to update that
denim wardrobe especially if you have
not embraced denim
in a couple of years i know it's real
the struggle is real so we're going to
start with my favorite trend and that is
flares now here's the deal when a new
trend comes onto the market i think
there's two ways to embrace it either go
really fun
or go really classic and i tend to like
the fun side of things because it makes
a trend feel a little bit more special
i can kind of embrace it and play with
it a little bit more and then if i
really love it then i buy that classic
version that i know i'll wear again and
again and again so
here's my fun version this is from ammo
this fabulous slim flare now one of the
reasons this jean is so easy to wear
higher rise holds you in
has stretch and it is definitely a
slimmer flare so you're not going to get
that really really wide leg on this one
it's just gonna be a slider kick i think
the wash on this is fabulous it feels so
high summer and so playful a little bit
of destruction and so you know the
formula here when you've got something
sweet pair it back to something with a
little bit of edge and you've got
just the perfect combination so i took
these great jeans a little roughed up
paired it back to this fabulous bb
dakota blouse love this guy now it runs
true to size
a little bit longer length on the sleeve
which i like so it really is hitting me
right at the elbow
button front but still lots of room and
it's not too long so it's an easy one to
tuck in now little pop of color here
brand new shoots little slide it's got a
great heel which i think is
for getting that flare on the body it
really helps to elongate the leg and
give you that legs four days feeling
that flares do so well
simple accessories grab a little black
and white one of my favorite statement
chains here with that lock it's so fun
and i'm ready to head out the door i see
this for
a casual night out
meeting girlfriends for lunch or
if you work in a real casual workplace
i do you can wear destruction this would
be an easy way to do it but that mention
of that more classic style a pair
without destruction and a flare an easy
swap out and you are ready to hit the
workday i've got another look and a
fabulous new denim trend coming up okay
look number two
let's go out so fun so denim trend
number two expose buttons this is such a
fun way to refresh your denim closet of
course i embraced a style that has more
of a straight leg this is a fresh fresh
way to do this trend couple details here
this is from paige this is the cindy
expose button
straight leg
raw hem on this one so if it runs a
little bit long on you
this is an easy one to cut off i like it
hitting right at the ankle and a
slightly darker wash with tons and tons
of stretch so really flattering and
really easy to wear
showed it back to a fabulous new heel
from dolce vita what i think is fun
about this is i love that little hit of
gold on that buckle and that fun
sculptural here just takes this look up
a notch now paired it back to
this fabulous off-the-shoulder tee from
la maid it is soft as butter
so comfortable and runs a little bit
generous so i did actually go down a
size in this one i'm wearing an extra
small and you can see
still tons of room such a fun night
outlook i could also see this for a
great concert
coming up if you get that on your
calendar or even just a great little
dinner out with the girls
done exposed buttons adds a little bit
of edge it's exactly what your denim
closet needs i've got one more fun
living it all the time trend coming up
okay last look and this is for your
running around kicking around getting it
living it on the weekend there is a
reason that this josefina
boyfriend jean from seven is our
best selling can't get enough of it
boyfriend jean for years and years and
years they just keep making it better
this might be the best version yet
yet another pair is going to go into my
closet no doubt why we love this it is a
relaxed fit
comfy easy
more of a mid-rise now if you haven't
bought a josephine in a couple years
note they have raised the rise a bit
it's no longer that lower rise but it's
not a true high high rise so more of a
really yummy washed down super cool
denim that just feels like you've lived
in it for years
built-in cuff here perfect if you have
short legs like me
easy if you're a little bit taller you
can just unroll it and it'll be the
perfect ankle length now with josefina's
so i'm going to tell you you're going to
put on your normal size
and you're going to feel like a million
bucks in the fitting room and then
you're going to wear them once and
they're going to really really stretch
so i do go down a size and this one
even though the first time i wear them
they feel a little bit tight i promise
you they will relax
now how to make this a fun little knock
around look well let's start with the
top such a great little tee from ammo i
like the slightly shorter length than
this note it's not super short though so
even with the mid-rise it still is a
meet-and-greet so i don't worry about my
tummy and that muscle kind of tank
shape is so fresh and fun and i think a

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