2020 Pass

2020 Pass Eligibility

How do I get a 2020 Pass?

Customers who made qualifying purchases of $100 or more on merchandise, net of returns, from March 15th through May 31, 2020 earned the 2020 Pass. The 2020 Pass is a benefit that includes 10% all-channel discount on every purchase, and $1 Trendsend Styling Fee through December 31st, 2020.

How will I know I meet the eligibility requirement for the 2020 Pass discount?

You will receive an email in the first week of June 2020 that confirms your admission into the 2020 Pass reward and with additional instructions. If you do not receive an email and you believe that was in error, please contact our Care Team at support@EVEREVE.com

If you would like to see how you’re tracking towards your $100 merchandise spend, refer back to your purchase confirmation emails from EVEREVE.com and look to your merchandise total (before shipping and taxes), or please login to your account on EVEREVE.com to refer back to your previous purchases from March 15, 2020 - May 31, 2020.

I purchased in late May, but haven’t received my 2020 Pass email yet. When am I going to get it?

Your 2020 Pass is still processing and may take a little later to return. You will receive an email by June 30.

Does the 2020 Pass stack on top of other promotions?

Yes! If you receive a 2020 Pass, it is an additional discount that begins on June 5, 2020 and can be used over and over until December 31, 2020. You can use it with all other promotions, including EVEREVE Rewards, birthday coupons, the Trendsend Keep 4, Get 10% off discount, and other EVEREVE sales and markdowns.

I’ve made multiple purchases during the eligibility period. Do they all count towards my $100?

Yes! The merchandise purchased in all your transactions across any of our services: Trendsend, Virtual Styling, Dressing Room to Go, and within EVEREVE.com and stores will be added together.

Can I use a gift card to pay for my purchase during the eligibility period and still qualify for the 2020 Pass?

Yes, you can use an EVEREVE gift card to pay for your merchandise purchased during the eligibility period. Those purchases will count toward your $100 merchandise spend.

Does my purchase of gift cards count towards my $100 eligibility spend?

While we love and appreciate your purchase of gift cards, the $100 minimum spend must be on merchandise.

I received the 2020 Pass. How will I get my discount?

In store or with Virtual Styling, you will need to provide your name, phone number, and email to your stylist to ensure your discount is taken as you checkout. Online with EVEREVE.com, or with our Try Before You Buy services Trendsend and Dressing Room to Go, your discount is associated with your EVEREVE & Trendsend/Dressing Room to Go accounts and will be automatically applied as you login. There is no need for a membership card or number, but a stylist may ask to see a form of identification and you will have to login to EVEREVE.com and Trendsend.com to receive the discount on your purchase.

I received the 2020 Pass. Can I use it with other sales or discounts?

Yes, you may use the 2020 Pass on top of EVEREVE sales, EVEREVE rewards, or other promotions that you may be eligible for, including Trendsend’s Keep 4 items, get 10% off discount.

I believe I qualified for the 2020 Pass, though I never received an email after the eligibility period was over, what happened?

There could be several reasons for this happening:

You may have checked out as a guest during an EVEREVE.com purchase, and therefore your purchase was not affiliated with your EVEREVE account.

You may have more than one account across EVEREVE, Trendsend, or our stores.

You may have purchased a gift card, and the merchandise you bought did not net to $100 or more to meet the eligibility for the 2020 Pass.

While you may have purchased $100 or more in merchandise, you may have returned items that reduced this under $100

If you believe this is in error, please contact our Care Team (support@EVEREVE.com)

I didn’t receive my discount during a purchase, even though I earned the 2020 Pass. What happened?

You must login to EVEREVE.com or Trendsend.com in order to receive your 2020 pass discount.

Make sure your information in your account is up to date.

You may have forgotten to give your phone number or email to your stylist during an in-store visit.

Make sure to let your stylist know you’re a 2020 Pass holder so you always receive your discount.

Your stylist may have selected the wrong or a duplicate account when you were checking out.

Please contact the Care Team (support@EVEREVE.com) to ensure future purchases are discounted.

Will you be offering this program again next year? How can I participate in the future?

We are always evaluating ways to connect with our customers, and will be evaluating this, and other programs for next year and beyond. Be sure to sign up for our emails to receive the latest updates on this, and other exciting news at EVEREVE.

Can I sign up even though I missed the eligibility period?

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to the 2020 Pass program and are grateful for your interest. Because this was a unique offering to serve our community during the COVID-19 store shutdown period, we are not opening up additional entrants at this time, but will likely open up some flavor of this program in the future.

If you are interested in updates, please sign up for EVEREVE emails.

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for the 2020 Pass discount, customers must spend $100 or more in merchandise at EVEREVE or Trendsend in aggregate, net of returns, (“the reward criteria”) between the time period of March 15, 2020 through May 31, 2020 (“the eligibility period”). You must log in on EVEREVE.com or Trendsend.com, and in store or virtual styling you must provide your first name, last name, email address, and mobile phone number during checkout. After the eligibility period, customers who meet the reward criteria will be automatically rewarded 10% off all of their purchases across any EVEREVE selling channel, as well as $1 Trendsend Styling Fee on each of their boxes, from June 5, 2020* through December 31, 2020 (“the reward period”). The reward criteria is valid only on merchandise sold, and not valid on previous purchases, purchases of gift cards, gift wrapping, packaging, taxes, or shipping & handling charges, or styling fees.

Customers who meet the reward criteria and are awarded the 2020 Pass may use their 2020 Pass 10% discount with other promotions. The 2020 Pass discount is not valid on purchases of gift cards, gift wrapping, packaging, taxes, or shipping & handling charges, previous purchases, or styling fees. We will not honor price adjustments on purchases used without the discount, or before the reward period has started. This discount may not be transferred or used by people not of the intended recipient. Offer has no cash value and is void if altered, sold, bartered, or transferred. EVEREVE in its sole discretion may refuse to redeem any promotion or offer that it believes in good faith to be fraudulently or improperly obtained and/or that has not been redeemed by the intended recipient of the promotion or offer. EVEREVE in its sole discretion reserves the right to invalidate and/or not honor promotion codes or offers that are obtained through any party other than EVEREVE, including but not limited to through third party sites. EVEREVE may modify or cancel offers at any time.

Employees, Investors, Friends of EVEREVE, Ambassadors, Influencers, or any others who are currently under contract with EVEREVE are not eligible for the 2020 Pass.

*For customers who made qualifying purchases from May 15-May 31, please allow extra time for processing.