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Dear Moms,

Years before starting this company, I had a reoccurring dream to help moms. Because as a young mom, I needed help. So ten years ago, I decided to pursue this dream, this passion. I took a giant leap of faith and opened our first store in Edina, Minnesota. And thus, a boutique that specifically curates for a mom’s ever-changing lifestyle was born.

Because you are always taking care of others, this store takes care of you. Because you are busy juggling a million different things, I wanted to create a clothing store that makes shopping easy, helpful, and fun—where kids, girlfriends, and husbands are welcome.

We always have a healthy supply of animal crackers for the wee ones and in many stores video games for the older ones. And, we have old-fashioned sodas for the gents. While everyone’s entertained, you get a personalized styling experience and fashion adventure, so you can take on the world looking and feeling your very best.

Serving moms is an affair of the heart, because I love ALL moms. Moms are amazing. So, wherever you are in your life, we’re there for you. And, you know what? It’s catching on. It’s hard to believe we already have 50 stores coast-to-coast. And, we’re only just getting started. That’s the power of a mom!

My passion comes from a very simple place, that a mom who is fully alive is the best gift to her family. Evereve means “life,” and is a badge of honor to moms who give life then live it!

- Founder/CEO of Evereve
- Former 3rd Grade Teacher
- And favorite job of all, being a Mom


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